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The Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Sex Doll

Jul 01,2024 | RealisticDolls.Store

When purchasing a sex doll, it's vital to approach this decision with comprehensive information and a clear understanding of what to expect. This guide is designed to navigate through the various considerations, ensuring that your choice aligns with your preferences and requirements.

Types of Materials: Silicone vs. TPE



TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)

Texture and Feel

Lifelike, closely resembles human skin

Remarkably soft and flexible, provides an authentic tactile experience


Non-porous, resistant to bacteria

Porous, can retain moisture and harbor bacteria unless properly maintained


Yes, suitable for people with allergies or sensitive skin

No, may not be suitable for those with certain sensitivities

Cleaning Ease

Easy to clean; typically requires only mild soap and water

Requires diligent cleaning and drying after each use to prevent bacteria build-up

Maintenance Frequency

Lower maintenance due to durability; less prone to wear and tear

Higher maintenance needed; frequent conditioning required to maintain softness


Highly durable, less prone to damage and requires fewer repairs

Less durable than silicone, can be prone to tears and requires careful handling


Generally more expensive due to superior quality and durability

More budget-friendly, making it appealing for cost-conscious buyers

Ideal For

Buyers looking for longevity, ease of maintenance, and hypoallergenic properties

Buyers who prioritize softness and flexibility at a lower cost, and are willing to commit to more maintenance for lifelike experience


Silicone stands out for its robustness and lifelike texture, which closely resembles human skin. This material's non-porous nature makes it exceptionally resistant to bacteria, and it is also hypoallergenic, catering especially to those with sensitive skin or allergies. Cleaning silicone is straightforward, often requiring only a simple wipe-down with mild soap and water. The durability of silicone means it is less prone to wear and tear, translating to fewer replacements and repairs. Despite these advantages, the superior quality of silicone comes with a higher cost, which might be a significant factor for some buyers.
TPE sex doll

TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)

TPE is celebrated for its remarkable softness and flexibility, which provides an authentic tactile experience. The cost-effectiveness of TPE makes it an appealing choice for those on a budget. However, TPE's porous nature requires diligent care to avoid moisture retention and bacterial growth. It demands thorough cleaning and careful drying after each use. For long-term maintenance, TPE may require more frequent conditioning and care to preserve its soft, lifelike quality.

For a detailed comparison, check out this guide on TPE vs. Silicone sex dolls.

Customization Options

The modern sex doll market offers extensive customization, allowing you to create a companion that fits your exact specifications.

Physical Attributes

  1. Body Type: The variety of body types available ensures that every preference is met, from petite to curvy forms, reflecting the rich diversity of human body shapes.
  2. Facial Features: Personalization extends to facial characteristics, where you can choose from a range of eye colors, hairstyles, and skin tones, each contributing to the unique personality of your doll.
  3. Breast Size: Whether you prefer a more understated look or a voluptuous figure, you can select from multiple breast sizes to match your aesthetic preference.
  4. Height and Weight: Customizing these dimensions not only influences the physical handling of the doll but also enhances the realistic feel of your interactions.

Functional Features

  1. Skeleton Type: The choice between a standard and an articulated skeleton affects the range of motion and poses your doll can achieve, with articulated models offering more dynamic positioning.
  2. Vaginal and Anal Inserts: Depending on your preferences for hygiene and ease of use, you can choose between fixed or removable inserts, which influence the cleaning process.
  3. Heating and Sound: Advanced features like integrated heating and sound systems can make the experience more immersive, mimicking body warmth and vocal responses to create a sense of companionship and realism.

Maintenance and Care

To maintain the longevity and hygiene of your sex doll, regular maintenance is crucial.

  1. Cleaning: It's imperative to clean your sex doll after every use. This prevents any bacteria from building up that could compromise both the doll's material and your health. Select gentle antibacterial soaps and lukewarm water for cleaning. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, as these can degrade the material of your doll, leading to brittleness or cracks over time.
  2. Drying: Ensure that your doll is completely dry before storing. Moisture left on the surface or within the cavities of the doll can lead to mold and mildew, which are difficult to remove and can pose health risks.
  3. Storage: The optimal way to store your sex doll is in a lying position, which helps prevent any undue stress on the joints or skeleton. Choose a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures to avoid material degradation. Cover the doll with a soft cloth to protect it from dust and other environmental debris.
  4. Repairs: For small tears or surface damage, use repair kits that many manufacturers provide. These kits are specifically designed to be compatible with the material of your doll, ensuring a seamless repair process.
  5. Professional Help: In cases of significant damage, it might be best to seek professional repair services or contact the manufacturer for support. This ensures that repairs are done correctly and can help extend the life of your doll.

Sex Doll Size

Choosing the size of your sex doll involves significant consideration of both personal preferences and practical lifestyle aspects. For storage, small dolls measuring between 100-125 cm (3'3"-4'1") require minimal space, around 0.5 square meters, making them ideal for compact living situations. Medium dolls, between 126-150 cm (4'2"-4'11"), need about 0.75 square meters, suitable for average-sized homes. The largest dolls, at 151-175 cm (4'11"-5'9"), demand 1 or more square meters of storage space and are best for those with ample storage capacity.

In terms of handling, the weight of the dolls adds another layer to consider. Small dolls weigh between 15-20 kg (33-44 lbs), making them relatively easy to move and position. Medium dolls range from 21-30 kg (46-66 lbs), offering a balance between ease of handling and a more realistic feel. The largest dolls, weighing 31-40 kg (68-88 lbs), provide a robust presence but require more strength to maneuver. Handling tips include lifting with your legs, not your back, and considering the use of a wheeled base or doll carrier for larger models to facilitate movement and storage. These considerations help ensure a hygienic, realistic, and satisfying experience, enhancing the durability and longevity of your investment.
Choosing the size of your sex doll

For More Detailed Information

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1.What are the best websites to buy sex dolls from?

Select reputable retailers with positive reviews and transparent policies. Sites like RealisticDolls.Store are known for quality products and customer service.

2.How can I ensure the sex doll I buy is authentic?

Purchase from established sellers or directly from reputable manufacturers. Verify authenticity through reviews, product serial numbers, and seller certifications.

3.What are the common signs of a fake sex doll?

Low-quality materials, poor craftsmanship, and prices significantly below market rate are red flags. Authentic dolls typically come with detailed product descriptions and guarantees.