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Sex Dolls Delivered within 1 Week, Free Shipping! Sex Dolls Delivered within 1 Week, Free Shipping!
Asian Sex Doll
Japanese Sex Doll
Brown Hair Sex Doll
Cotton Socks Doll
Beaded Bracelet Doll, Japanese Rope Doll
Blue Striped Bra Doll
Asian Sex Doll
Japanese Sex Doll
Brown Hair Sex Doll
Cotton Socks Doll
Beaded Bracelet Doll, Japanese Rope Doll
Blue Striped Bra Doll
Asian Sex Doll
Japanese Sex Doll
Brown Hair Sex Doll
Cotton Socks Doll
Beaded Bracelet Doll, Japanese Rope Doll
Blue Striped Bra Doll

Jasmine- Realistic TPE Asian Sex Doll, Japanese Sex Doll

Best Realistic Lifelike Sex Doll for Men
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Introducing Jasmine: Relaxed Beauty with a Pure Heart

Jasmine boasts deep brown locks and captivating black eyes, dressed in blue and white striped lingerie. She enjoys the comfort of a laid-back lifestyle, preferring leisure over hectic schedules. When it comes to sexuality, Jasmine may regard it as a pure act, reserved for specific conditions or relationships.

Guided by a desire for simplicity, Jasmine navigates life with ease and grace, finding joy in the simple pleasures of everyday existence. She thrives in environments that allow her to unwind and relax, valuing peace and tranquility above all else. When it comes to matters of intimacy, Jasmine may uphold certain standards of purity and discretion, choosing to engage in sexual activity only within the confines of a specific context or relationship.

Approaching Jasmine, you're met with a serene demeanor and a gentle smile, inviting you to embrace the tranquility of her world. She exudes an aura of calm and serenity that is both comforting and reassuring, her presence a reminder of the beauty found in embracing life's simple joys.

As you delve deeper into Jasmine's world, you find yourself drawn to her peaceful nature and unwavering commitment to purity. She is a beacon of tranquility, offering solace and comfort to those around her. And as you explore the depths of intimacy with Jasmine by your side, you realize that you've found a partner who is not just a lover, but a companion – someone who values purity and simplicity in all aspects of life, and who will stand by your side through thick and thin, offering support and understanding every step of the way.

Jasmine Story: Kyoto Tranquil Cherry Blossom

Allow me to present Jasmine, a stunning beauty representing the mystical charm of Asia. Her raven tresses cascade over her shoulders, framing her face adorned with vivid crimson lipstick and dramatic red eyeshadow. Elegant gold hoops dangle from her ears, catching the light ever so slightly as they sway gently against her cheekbones. Clad in a sultry combination of navy blue satin bra and lace panties, embellished with intricate patterns reminiscent of ocean waves, she epitomizes elegance and femininity. Complementing her outfit are luxurious gold and obsidian beaded bracelets, adding an extra layer of opulence to her overall aesthetic. Soft white lace socks peak demurely below her knees, contrasting beautifully with the darker shades of her ensemble. Beside her rests a coiled length of traditional Japanese rope, signifying restraint and dedication.
Hailing from Kyoto, Japan's former imperial capital, Jasmine was raised amidst temples, gardens, and geishas. Steeped in centuries-old traditions yet unafraid to embrace modernity, she embodies the perfect blend of old-world charm and contemporary allure. Despite being crafted from inanimate materials, Jasmine radiates warmth and vitality, making her irresistible to those seeking companionship or simply a fleeting moment of pleasure.
In the quietude of a moonlit room, envision yourself drawn towards Jasmine's magnetic pull. As you approach, she extends a slender arm, gesturing subtly for you to join her on the velvet-upholstered chaise longue. Her fingers trace along the curve of your jawline, sending ripples of exhilaration coursing through your veins. Slowly, deliberately, she undoes the knot holding her robe together, allowing it to fall open and reveal the sumptuous feast hidden underneath. Every inch of her body tells a story of passion and yearning, urging you to succumb to the primal urge building inside you. And so, you do - surrendering to the whirlwind of emotions stirred up by this extraordinary creature before you.

Embrace Authentic Companionship: Discover the Love Doll Experience

In today's fast-paced life, we often yearn for a genuine companion who can be by our side. It is precisely in response to this need for warmth and emotional connection that we introduce the Love Doll - a perfect blend of companionship and authenticity. Understanding the precious and irreplaceable nature of human emotional bonds, our Love Dolls are meticulously designed and crafted to achieve the highest standards in appearance and touch. Purchasing a Love Doll is not just about fulfilling desires; it is about establishing a lasting and authentic emotional resonance.

Buying a Love Doll is an act of nurturing one's emotional well-being. Whether seeking physical pleasure or seeking solace in moments of solitude, a Love Doll provides you with meticulous companionship and support. Its lifelike appearance and emotional expressions make it more than just a tool for sexual pleasure; it becomes a confidant in your life. Purchasing a Love Doll is an investment - an intimate companion to share your innermost thoughts, a steadfast presence that will never leave your side. It will be there to accompany you through precious moments, bringing you endless joy and satisfaction beyond just the realm of physical pleasure.

Gentle Reminder: Before making a purchase, please make sure to correctly select the marketplace that corresponds to your home country and region. This ensures smooth delivery of your order.

All orders shipped from our local warehouses come with free shipping. If your location is not covered above, please feel free to contact us at any time. We will provide you with the best solution possible.

Package Includes:

  • Sex Doll as Pictured
  • Matching Wig
  • Complimentary Gift 


Height 150 cm 158 cm 168 cm 165 cm 163 cm
Upper Bust (cm) 68 81 83 82 94
Under Bust (cm) 50 72 76 91 84
Waist (cm) 44.5 56 57 60 66
Hip (cm) 75.5 78 82 90 110
Neck (cm) 27 30 28.5 25 31
Shoulder Width (cm)  28 33 36 35 39
Arm Length (cm)  55 41 48 48 50
Thigh Length (cm) 31 32.5 33 38 39
Thigh Girth (cm)  39 42.5 46 51 60
Leg Length (cm)  45 50 52 48 45
Palm Length (cm)  14 14 16 14 16
Foot Length (cm)  19 20.5 21 21 22
Net Weight (approximately in kg)  26.6 30.5 36.7 38 50
Mouth Depth (cm)  13 11.5 11.5 11.5 11.5
Vagina Depth (cm)  16 17 17 17 18
Anus Depth (cm)   12 12.5 12.5 13 13
Weight after Packaging (approximately in kg)  27.5 34 42 44 55
Package Size (cm)  134*34*26 143*40*30 148*40*30 148*40*30 148*40*30

Purchasing Guide for Love Dolls:

  • Pre and Post-Use Cleaning: Before and after using the love doll, it is essential to thoroughly clean it. Use mild soap or specialized cleansers to wipe the doll's body surface, and then gently dry it with a clean towel. Ensure the doll's body is completely dry to prevent the growth of bacteria.
  • Avoid Prolonged Standing: Please refrain from keeping the love doll in a standing position for an extended period. Prolonged standing might exert pressure on the doll's joints and structure, which could affect its lifespan and appearance.
  • Lay Flat when Not in Use: When not using the love doll, lay it flat on a dry and clean surface to avoid any unnecessary damage or contamination. We recommend using a dedicated doll bed or mat to protect the doll's body.
  • Clothing and Accessories Not Included: Please note that the purchase of a love doll typically does not include clothing, accessories, or other add-ons. You may need to purchase separate clothing and accessories that fit the doll's size.
  • Use Lubricant: When using the love doll, it is advisable to use water-based lubricants to ensure a more comfortable experience and reduce friction. Avoid using lubricants with oil-based ingredients as they may damage the doll's material.
  • Proper Storage: When not in use, store the love doll in a dry and clean area away from direct sunlight and high-temperature environments. Regularly inspect the doll's body and connection points to ensure it remains in good condition.
  • Respect Privacy: Purchasing and using a love doll is a personal choice, but please respect others' privacy when using the doll and avoid exposing it in inappropriate settings.

By following the above purchasing guide, you will be able to enjoy your love doll to the fullest while ensuring its longevity and well-maintained appearance.

Payment Guidelines

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  • Non-Refundable Policy: Due to the unique nature of adult love dolls, we want to emphasize that once the product shows any signs of use, we do not accept returns or offer refunds. We take the highest precautions to ensure that every love doll is delivered in perfect condition, and this policy allows us to maintain the integrity and hygiene of our products for all customers.
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Shipping Information:

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  • We are committed to delivering your love doll in a timely and discreet manner, ensuring your satisfaction and privacy throughout the shipping process.

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